Help manual for payment of fees using SBI collect

13/02/2017RM timetable Even 2016-17 (Summer 2017)
08/02/2017Help manual for payment of fees using SBI collect
03/02/2017RV timetable Even 2016-17 (Summer 2017)
21/01/2017Transportation Arrangement on 22.01.17_W
10/01/2017Time Table of Remedial Viva Examination of BE Sem-1 & 2
16/11/2016Important circular for BE Sem 3 student regarding S16 exam fee.
08/11/2016Result of Remedial Mid Sem Examination of WINTER 2016
08/11/2016Schedule for filling exam form BE Sem 3 Regular
08/11/2016Schedule for filling Enrollment form BE semester 1 and Diploma to Degree (Batch 2016)
15/10/2016Report on International Day of Democracy
10/10/2016Extra lecture arrangement for DtoD_AEM Odd 2016-17
01/10/2016Schedule for filling exam form BE Sem 5 Regular
29/09/2016Winners for various events of JaZba 2016
21/09/2016Detail Schedule of Day Event JaZba 2016
20/09/2016Schedule for exam form filling BE 7 Sem Reg W16
19/09/2016Detention due to Backlog Odd 2016-17 (Winter 16)
19/09/2016Transportation Arrangement of Shree Parshwanath Travels w.e.f. 19.09.16
16/09/2016Transportation Arrangement for every working Saturday w.e.f. 17.09.2016
13/09/2016Admission cancel due to non payment of the fees
12/09/2016Tree Plantation Report
12/09/2016JaZba 2016: List of Selected students after audition
12/09/2016Transportation arrangement for 13 Sep 2016 and 18 Sep 2016
26/08/2016Report on "Halla Bol Season 2", Women Safety and Security
24/08/2016Report of Felicitation of HCC at Tree for Life Event
22/08/2016Schedule for Remedial exam form BE All Semesters W 16
20/08/2016Schedule for filling MBA Remedial Exam form W16
19/08/2016Post metric Scholarship form (fresh) for SEBC, SC & ST
12/08/2016Blood Donation Drive on 2.09.2016
10/08/2016Essay_Poem_Slogan Competition on Azadi 70 Yadd Karo Kurbani
09/08/2016Thalassemia Testing and Awareness program
08/08/2016Transportation Arrangement wef 8.08.2016
03/08/2016Orientation program for fresher of Bachelor of Engineering_4 Aug 2016_Revised
03/08/2016Master Time Table for 1st Semester Bridge Course Odd 2016-17
19/07/2016Submission of Postmetric scholarship Renewal form for SEBC, SC and ST
19/07/2016RMSE timetable Odd 2016-17 (WINTER 2016)_Revised
05/07/2016Report (International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking)
02/07/2016Transportation Arrangement w.e.f. 4.7.2016
20/06/2016Fee Circular for Odd Sem - 2016-17
18/06/2016Celebration of International Yoga Day 2016
18/06/2016Transportation Arrangement from 20.6.2016 to 24.06.2016 (REVISED)
16/06/2016Transport Arrangement from ensuing Semester
14/06/2016M component evaluation Odd 2016-17
13/06/2016Block arrangement GTU S16 BE Sem-3 for 14 june 2016_AM
10/06/2016Transportation Arrangement w.e.f. 13.06.16
10/06/2016BE-1,2 Practical Examination S161_Batch alocation
10/06/2016Block arrangement GTU S16 BE Sem-3 for 13 june 2016_AM
08/06/2016Transportation arrangement for 9-6-2016 (Morning)
24/05/2016Hall ticket collection for BE Sem-1,2 Reg. and Rem.
21/05/2016Hall ticket collection for BE Sem-3,4 Reg. and Rem.
21/05/2016Transportation Arrangement from 23.05.16 to 10.06.16
10/05/2016Schedule for filling exam form BE Sem 2 Regular
06/05/2016Schedule for filling exam form BE Sem 4 Regular
03/05/2016Transportation Arrangement w.e.f. 5 May 2016
02/05/2016Hall ticket collection for BE Sem-5,6,7 & 8 Reg. and Rem.
26/04/2016Punishment due to indiscipline behaviour
22/04/2016A Report on Cyber Security Seminar
18/04/2016Report on Leaders Felicitation (Healthy Campus Committee)
18/04/2016Schedule for filling BE Sem 4 Regular Exam Summer 2016
18/04/2016Anti Ragging Affidavit submission by the students admitted in 2015
13/04/2016Pride of GIT
12/04/2016Seminar on Cyber Security & Cyber Crime Awareness
12/04/2016Details of Project Fair 2016
11/04/2016Schedule for filling Remedial exam form BE All Semesters S16 (Revised)
04/04/2016Schedule for filling exam form BE Sem 8 Regular (Revised)
04/04/2016Schedule for filling exam form BE Sem 6 Regular
02/04/2016Schedule for filling exam form MBA Sem 4 Regular
29/03/2016A Report on Women's Day - Celebration
28/03/2016A Report On Joy of Giving
21/03/2016One Day workshop on Basics of Fire & Safety
01/03/2016Android Workshop
26/02/2016Transportation arrangement w.e.f. 29 Feb 2016 (Monday to Friday)
23/02/2016ATV Inaugural Event
20/02/2016Blood Donation Drive
19/02/2016A Report on Two days workshop on Quad Copters and Multi Rotors
16/02/2016RMSE Timetable Even 2015-16 (SUMMER 2016) Revised
15/02/2016Workshop on Android
13/02/2016World Cancer Day
10/02/2016TechXtreme 2016, Annual Technical Symposium
05/02/2016Pre-TechXtreme 2016 Workshop on "Ethical Hacking & Information Security" by Mr Sunny Vaghela on 2nd March 2016.
04/02/2016Upcoming Two days workshop on "Internet of Things Workshop" organized by EC Department on 16-17 February, 2016
30/01/2016Job Junction
27/01/2016A Report on Aapnu Amdavad, Swachh Amdavad
27/01/2016Report on Quiz Competition Organized by ISHRAE at Aaryabhatt Hall, L D College of Engineering, Ahmedabad
23/01/2016Video Film Competition 2016
23/01/2016Report of a Seminar on PG Admission at De Montfort University, Leicester
22/01/2016Transportation Arrangement for every working Saturday
21/01/2016BE Sem 1 Bridge Course Practical Examination Batch Allocation W15
18/01/2016Report on GIT Kite Festival 2016
08/01/2016Transportation Arrangement w.e.f. 11.01.16
07/01/2016BE 1,2 Practical Examination Batch Allocation W15
05/01/2016GIT Kite Festival-2016

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