Report on ‘Awareness Webinar on Emotion Engineering’

Report on 'Awareness Webinar on Emotion Engineering'

In this day and age, our youth is prone to problems like stress, anxiety, frustration, distraction, boredom and depression. Lack of sleep, poor eating habits, and not enough exercise are a recipe for depression among college students. The stress that comes with academics including financial worries, pressure to get a good job after college, and failed relationships is enough to force some students to leave college or worse. Depressed students are at a greater risk of developing problems such as substance abuse. Depressed college students are more likely to binge drink and smoke marijuana to cope with emotional pain than are their nondepressed peers. Students themselves are often reluctant to seek help due to social stigmas related to depression. The objective of this webinar was to create awareness about mental health and help students identify the symptoms leading to stress, depression and anxiety.

Report on ‘Awareness Webinar on Emotion Engineering’


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