Report on Teacher’s Day Celebration-2021

Report on Teacher’s Day Celebration-2021

Teachers truly are the backbone of society. Teachers play many roles in our life like Knowledge House, Lifelong Mentor, Career Guide or Sounding Board. It is the teachers who create a good life and a good future for us. One cannot achieve the greater heights or perform to his/her best potential without teachers. To show the gratitude, affection and love towards the teachers, Gandhinagar Institute of Technology had celebrated Teacher’s Day on 4th September, 2021 at the campus. The students had performed the skit “Shiksha aur Shikshak Ka Mahatva” to represent the significance of teacher in our life. Also, the students had made the video to express their gratitude towards teacher’s and also shower their love by giving them handmade greeting cards.

Report on “Report on Teacher’s Day Celebration-2021”


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