Report of “Awareness Seminar on World Suicide Prevention Day”

Report of "Awareness Seminar on World Suicide Prevention Day"

The Healthy Campus Committee of GIT organized a Webinar titled “Awareness Seminar on World Suicide Prevention Day” on 09/09/2021, for the 2nd year engineering students to raise awareness of suicide which could reduce the number of suicides and suicide attempts in the youth. The seminar was conducted by Motherhood Foundation, Ahmedabad. Speakers of the seminar were Dr. Twinkal Patel (Founder of Motherhood Foundation, Fellowship in Psychology) and Dr. Kevin Patel (MD, Psychiatry). They informed that 80% of the people with suicidal tendencies are diagnosed with Clinical Depression. The youth can overcome negative thoughts by sharing their feelings and thoughts with their family, friends, peers or a Mental Health expert. Happiness hormones can be increased in depressed people by proper medication and counselling. Students shared their personal anecdotes and raised queries about mental health. The speakers suggested different solutions to overcome those queries. Dr H N Shah (Director) & Prof. Jatin Chakravarti engaged in an active dialogue with the speakers regarding the importance of Mental health post the pandemic.

Report on “Awareness Seminar on World Suicide Prevention Day”


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