A Report on “Online Self Defense Session”

A Report on "Online Self Defense Session"

The Women Development Cell of Gandhinagar Institute of Technology organised an online “Self Defense Session” on 11th January,2022 for the female students of GIT. The trainers for the session were Ms. Smriti Singh and Ms. Preeti Kardam from Sem. 8 (CE) and Ms. Aimee Mohan from Sem. 6 (IT). As Self Defense is the need of the hour, it is necessary to protect ourselves from dangerous and unforeseen circumstances. They wonderfully explained about the meaning of self defense in different contexts and taught various techniques and types of self defense in the beginning of the session. Later on, they continued by demonstrating various techniques to show it to the participants. It was for the first time that the session was conducted in an online mode and it was a huge success by our own students for the students of GIT. The session ended successfully with a beautiful quote- “NO RULES WHEN IN DANGER”.

A Report on “Online Self Defense Session”


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