Electrical Engineering deals with power generation and distribution from various energy sources like fossil fuels, hydro, fuel cell, solar, geothermal, wind etc. It is a field of engineering that generally deals with the study and application of electricity, electronics and electromagnetism. A common theme is the use of electricity and electromagnetism for the generation, transmission, processing, storage, conversion and control of information and energy.

What Students learn in Electrical Engineering?Electrical Engineering is one of the oldest fields of engineering. The study of electrical engineering focuses on the key subjects like:

  • D.C. circuits and its applications
  • 1Φ and 3Φ A.C. circuits and its applications
  • Capacitance and Magnetism
  • Generation , Transmission and Distribution of Electricity
  • D.C. and A.C. machines , Transformers
  •  Illumination , Wiring and Protective instruments
  • Power system and Power Electronics

Electrical Engineering Department has been established mainly to take care of electrical subjects like Elements of Electrical Engineering, Electrical Machines, Electrical Machines and Electronics and Physics.

Electrical Engineering Laboratories:

  • Elements of Electrical Engineering
  •  Engineering Physics

About Engineering Physics:

Technology is an outcome of the application of science for the benefit of human society at large. Physics develop the rational thinking among the engineering students and make them interested to know why, what and how of natural phenomenon surrounding us. Such understanding serves as foundation on which elaborate structure of technology stands.

What The Students Learn In Engineering Physics:

  •  LASER
  •  Electronics
  •  Non Destructive Testing
  •  Architectural Acoustics
  •  Fiber Optic communication