GIT-Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)

The Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) was established in 2019 at Gandhinagar Institute of Technology (GIT) with the focus to make the quality the defining element at GIT. The IQAC ensures the effective implementation of quality initiatives through a combination of self and external quality evaluation, promotion, and sustenance initiatives. The IQAC strives for excellence in all of the institution’s academic and administrative activities. For the functions of IQAC cell refer the IQAC policy.
IQAC Policy


  • To ensure continuous improvement in the entire operations of the Institution.
  • To develop a quality system for conscious, consistent and programmed action to improve the academic and administrative performance of the institution.
  • To promote measures for driving institutional functioning towards quality enhancement and institutionalization of best practices.


Some of the Activities of the IQAC are:

  • Organized AICTE sponsored STTP on “Communication Skills and Ethics: A Modern Education Tool in 21st Century” from 18/01/2021 to 23/01/2021.
  • Organized GTU sponsored FDP on “Post Lockdown trends in CAD/CAM & Manufacturing for MSME” from 18/01/2021 to 23/01/2021.
  • Organized GUJCOST sponsored Two Days Webinar on “Demystifying Data Science using Machine Learning” from 27/10/2020 to 28/10/2020.
  • Organized GUJCOST sponsored Two Days Webinar “Hands on Machine Learning using R” from 22/10/20 to 23/10/20.
  • Organized GUJCOST sponsored Two Days State Level Webinar on “Electric Vehicles Modelling & Future Adoption” from 25/11/2020 to 26/11/2020.
  • Organized GUJCOST sponsored Two Days Webinar on “Innovation in Robotics & Automation and Its Application” from 04/12/2020 to 05/12/2020.
  • Organized GUJCOST sponsored Two Days Webinar on “Innovation in Concrete Construction” from 6/11/2020 to 07/11/2020.
  • Organized GUJCOST sponsored “International Conference on Data Science and Intelligent Application (ICDSIA-20) from 24/01/20 to 25/01/20.
  • Organized Two Days STTP on “Strategic Planning and Management for NBA Accreditation.” From 26/12/2019 to 27/12/2019.
  • Organized GUJCOST sponsored Five-Days STTP on “IoT using ARM Cortex M4” from 19/08/2019 to 23/08/2019.
  • Organized GUJCOST sponsored Two days state level seminar on “Mathematical Modelling and Applications of Mathematics in Engineering – 2019 (MMAME-2019)” from 19/07/2019 to 20/07/2019.
  • Organized AICTE sponsored webinar on “National Education Policy 2020” on 3rd April 2021 for Faculty members.
  • Organized Webinar on “Cyber Security” for UG IT and CE Sem-5 students on 23/06/2021
  • Organized Webinar on “Computer Vision” for UG IT and CE Sem-7 students on 03/07/2021
  • Organized GUJCOST Sponsored 2 days Webinar on “Intellectual Property rights and Patents”on 21/06/2021 & 22/06/2021
  • Organized GUJCOST Sponsored Webinar on “Intellectual Property in Academia”on 21/10/2021
  • Organized Expert Lecture on “Amazon Web Service” on 21/08/2021
  • Organized Expert Lecture on “Database Trends and Application ” on 16/10/2021
  • Did the Tie-up with iACE for Internship and Professional Training of students (Mou) on 13/05/2021
  • Did the Collabration with Phalge Industry for the Internship of students on 29/06/2021
  • Organized Hand on Solidworks Software for UG ME students from 09/08/2021 to 13/08/2021
  • Organized A Competition on “CAD Cracker” (CAD software – Solidworks) for UG ME students on 23/08/2021
  • Organized “Robot Making Awareness” Program for UG students on 01/09/2021
  • Organized Workshop on “3D- Printing” for UG ME students on 02/12/2021
  • Organized Webinar on Brand Management for PG Sem 2 MBA Students on 16/07/2021
  • Organized Webinar on Questionnaire and form design for effective survey for PG Sem 2 MBA students on 28/06/2021
  • Organized Webinar on Business Plan Preparations for PG Sem 2 MBA students on 24/06/2021
  • Organized Webinar on Valuation of Stocks and Bonds for PG Sem 2 MBA students on 18/06/2021
  • Organized Webinar has been organized on “How to write research paper and how to fetch R&D funding grants” on 18/06/2020
  • Received AICTE-INAE student travel grant of 1 lac INR for publishing paper in “International Conference on Science, Technology and Management” at Abu Dhabi, UAE on 27th April 2020

IQAC- Meetings

IQAC Coordinator
Prof. Madhuri Chopade
Assistant Professor
Information Technology Department

IQAC Co-Cordinator
Prof. Harshal Oza
Assistant Professor
Mechanical Engineering Department