Invitation To Companies For Recruitment

Submission of Job Announcement Form

Confirmation or Negotiation with Placement Cell

Pre Placement Talks

Final Recruitment Process By Companies

  • Companies are invited through personal interaction, e-mails, phone calls or Faxes.
  • Companies showing interest in recruitment will be sent a Job Announcement Form.
  • Companies interested in recruiting GIT students fill up the Job Announcement Form and mail it back to the Training and Placement Coordinator.
  • The information gathered through the Job Announcement Form is:-
    • Name of the Position being offered
    • Number of openings
    • Required Skills / Qualification
    • Compensation package.
    •  Duration of Training and/or Probation
    • Confirmation of campus visit and preferred dates.
    • The procedure to be followed during the campus recruitment drive.
  • The Placement Cell scrutinizes the Job Announcements Form (Response Sheet) of all the companies, categorizes them into A or B, according to the various criteria defined by the Student Placement Cell. The company/organization should confirm or negotiate the dates with the Placement Cell.
  • The pre-placement talks are held at the Institute during which the companies make presentations about their operations and job profile(s) offered.
  • The company/organisation is required to furnish the final list of students as soon as possible after the completion of the selection procedure.The company will send the offer letter to the placement office latest by the date, discussed with the Placement Officer.

Placement Policy

  • In order to be eligible for the campus interviews, the eligible students have to register with Placement Cell by signing an “Expression of Interest for placements” form after reading the Placement rules.
  • Only those who register and give the “Expression of Interest for placements” by the given time will be eligible to sit for campus placements.
  • The students also have to submit their data in an excel sheet in format provided by the placement department, and 1 soft copy of resume in word 2007 format to the Placement officer.
  • Students may have to modify the resume/ data sheet depending on the job requirement by the company coming for the campus placement.
  • Students must carry their identity cards with them during the PPT/written test/group discussion/interviews, and produce the same whenever demanded by the recruiting team, the training and placement officer or the student coordinators.
  • All the Students should be in formals and carry at least 3 hard copy of their resume.
  • Students are not allowed to interact with the company executives directly. Any queries must be clarified during the PPT itself. Subsequently, they can bring their doubts (if any) to the notice of the placement officer who will then take necessary action.
  • The students who are eligible for the campus placement will be shortlisted for the campus interviews by the organization depending upon their criteria.
  • The names of students shortlisted will be displayed on the Placement Notice board.
  • It will be student’s responsibility to check the notice board, email and the gitplacement bolg for information on placements, Organization visiting college, Names Shortlisted for the Interview and results.
  • If any student whose name has been shortlisted fails to appear for the next round, he/she will be taken of the campus placements process.
  • The students can sit for Campus placement as long as he/she does not receive an offer letter.
  • Once a student receives an offer letter he/she will be taken out of campus placement process.
  • If a student is not joining an organization for unavoidable circumstances, then the accepted job offers must be surrendered to the Placement Officer.
  • Any student found to have applied or secured a job through off campus application without the prior consent of the Placement Officer would be debarred from taking part in any further placement process. Further, the company in which he/she has secured a job would also be informed of the policy violation by the student.
  • A student violating any of the above mentioned rules and regulations or found indulging in any act of indiscipline/misbehavior thereby earning a bad name for the Institute will be debarred from availing any further placement facilities and is liable for strict disciplinary action, as per the Institute rules and regulations.
  • In all cases The Decision of the Director will be final and binding.