GIT History

Back in 2006 Gandhinagar Institute of Technology was established by Platinum Foundation under Public Trust Act with Registration No. E-17490. The Institute is affiliated to Gujarat Technological University and approved by AICTE New Delhi.
The Institute aims to be a leading center for research and engineering study, pursuing knowledge in both fundamental and applied area, and collaborating closely with business and industry in promoting technological innovation and economic development. The members of the trust are involved in the social activities and are also promoting the technical interest of the state and country by contributing to the technical institution development.


To develop young engineers, managers & entrepreneurs with active and creative minds, a sense of understanding and sympathy for others and the courage to act on their beliefs. We stress the total development of each student: spiritual, moral, intellectual, social, emotional, and physical.


To treat every student as an individual, to recognize his/her potential and to ensure that he/she receives the best preparation to help one meets his/her career ambitions and goals.


  • Setu Shah

    I fell short of words when I describe the spark of happiness that went through me when our placement officer confirmed my selection with India's leading Multi-National Company- Larsen & Toubro Infotech. “Have faith in your dreams and someday, your rainbow will come smiling through.” Along with academic excellence and disciplinary conduct during the 4 years of my course, I was given the opportunity to participate in a plethora of events like Debates, Group Discussions, Sports, Leadership. I have managed most of the events of our college and anchored some of them for an year as the Lady Representative which enhanced the overall grooming of my personality and made me capable of appearing and clearing such interviews in life ahead. I am thankful to our Director, TPO and faculties for their trust in my capability. I am fortunate enough to receive such an opportunity to appear for an interview of L&T Infotech solely because of TPO’s sincere efforts that have given a magnificent beginning to my career. “Believe in yourself and you'll be unstoppable” has always been his teaching to us students. I am proudly carrying bundles of joy and cherishable memories along with valuable life lessons from GIT to my new workplace at LARSEN &TOUBRO (L & T Infotech). I wish my fellow and future GITians loads of luck and determination. Dream Big, Shine Bright.

  • Harshil Thakkar

    Having pursued my bachelor in Computer Engineering from Gandhinagar Institute of Technology, I am very thankful to the college and the staff members. GIT is the most rapidly growing college culturally as well as technically under the hands of Director. I have learned a lot in the span of four years which has sharpen my knowledge. All the staff members are doing extremely well for the better prospects of students as well as college. GIT is a great platform to develop one’s technical as well as management skills. There are always some innovative activities continuously going in the institute which gives a great knowledge as well as experience to the students. It was a great experience being a coordinator of 'Coding Culture'-The platform for the efficient growth of the students' coding/programming skills under the guidance of the faculty. I am grateful to Head of the CE Department for providing a positive environment to this unique program. At last I am heartly thankful to TPO for his constant hard work and support to get the students placed in various companies. Harshil Thakkar 120120107002 L&T InfoTech Computer Engineering

  • Sagar Radadiya

    Hello everyone, I am from the Civil Dept. Each day that I passed in college, was enriching as I learned something new and good from my faculties and friends. My professors helped me a lot in academics as well as in non-academics. They gave me the confidence, acumen of diligence and belief. GIT provided me the dichotomy between the school life and the real life and also helped me for my overall development. Every single experience was enriching. Management of each and every thing whether it is any fest, program or lectures was really great. Just because of these composite events, I got a glimpse of many new and innovative things. I want to thank our director for providing this type of atmosphere and I hope it will grow with the same pace in the future. When I was in final year, the most important thing came i.e. Placement. I had confidence on my skills and I knew that whenever any opportunity will come in my way, I am going to grab it. I got a placement in VandeMataram Cons. Pvt. Ltd and I want to be thankful to TPO for his hard work, for showing a constant support and in giving the intricate view of the company. SAGAR RADADIYA 120120106003 VandeMataram Cons. Pvt. Ltd Civil Engineering\

  • Bhavisha Thakkar

    Hello everyone, I am Bhavisha Thakkar, a student from Gandhinagar institute of technology. GIT is one place where a holistic approach towards education has been adapted since the inception of the college. This enables the students to grow to newer heights with each passing day in the fields ranging over a vast spectrum of curricular as extra-curricular activities. I am utterly grateful to the college and it's faculties for the kind of guidance that has been provided to us throughout the entire span of 4 years. Under the exemplary leadership of our TPO, I got placed in EClinical Works, as a Software specialist, something for which I would remain heavily indebted to him and to the entire college staff and administration. GIT is a place where dreams aren't just born, it's a place where they're nurtured and realized. Bhavisha Thakkar EclinicalWoarks Information Technology

  • Yash Gupta

    It’s my privilege to be part of GIT Family. I tried my maximum to enjoy each and every moment of my college life along with my studies. GIT have provided no. of platforms in various fields including arts, sports, science which is basic need of every college students along with academics. I think its honor for any students if they are getting no. of platforms to prove their hidden talents. Apart of this I would like to thanks all my respected faculty members to enrich my knowledge in Mechanical Engineering, special thanks to our Director for providing such platform and ample thanks to our TPO for working so hard with placement committee to place young talented minds in well-organized companies to nurture their future goals. Thanks GIT. Yash Gupta (120120119008) absolute insurance surveyors & loss assessors pvt ltd (Mechanical Engineering, GIT)

  • Shalini Keswani

    Hello everyone, I am from Electronics and Communication Engineering Department. Each day I have got something new to learn from my college, my faculties and friends. When I joined the Institution I had a fear of how I will do, and what will be my future? But with the Constant support from the Director and Head of EC department and faculties things became easy. They helped me a lot in academics as well as non-academics. They gave me the Confidence and belief to achieve my goals. I had a dream to be an Engineer and today I am living my dream. I am also Thankful to Director Sir for organizing such great fest, programs, seminars and lectures in college. When I was in my Final year, the most important thing came i.e. Placement. I had a confidence on my skills. I got placement at Sophos Cyberoam and I want to be very thankful to TPO for his hard work, constant support and in giving the intricate view of the company and his guidance. I really thankful to GIT from bottom of my heart for providing me this opportunity. Thank You. Shalini Keswani Sophos Cyberoam 120120111017 Electronics & Communication

  • Jaydeep Agheda

    Hello everyone, I am from the Mechanical Department. Each day that I passed in college, was enriching me by learning something new and good from my faculties and friends. My professors helped me a lot in academics as well as in non-academics. They gave me the confidence, acumen of diligence and belief. GIT provides me the dichotomy between the school life and the real life and also helped me for my all round development. Management of each and every thing whether it is any fest, program or lectures was really great. Just because of these composite events I got a glimpse of many new and innovative things. I am thankful to our director for providing this kind of atmosphere and I hope it will grow with the same pace in the upcoming time. When I was in final year the most important thing came i.e. placement. I had a confidence on my skills and I knew that whenever any opportunity comes in my way, I am going to nail it and it also happened. I got a placement in Hi-Tech Out Sourcing. I am thankful to TPO for putting a lot of hard work, for showing a constant support and giving the intricate view of the company. Jaydeep Agheda Hi-Tech Out Sourcing (120123119020)

  • Deep Pandit

    I feel honored speaking to you all through this column & share some feelings & experiences of my days that I spent in this prestigious institution. GIT has given wings of knowledge to my dreams, the courage to aim high & the growth oriented environment to work meticulously. This college always encouraged and supported my endeavors at various State & National level Techno-Symposiums. GIT, upholds morals have a fair & pleasant environment with conceptual learning & practical knowledge with maximum Industrial exposure to ready us for the current technological trends. I extend thanks to Director for giving me a vision for tomorrow and building in me the confidence to persevere and scale the heights of excellence. My HOD & faculties have always been my guiding light & have led my every step with their constant presence, immense knowledge and kind knowledge. Thank u all for the support and the guidance. Deep Pandit (120123119016) Claris Group of Companies

  • Raghav Majumdar

    I am glad that GIT has given me such a wonderful lifetime experience to work as a placement coordinator for Civil Department. It was very good learning experience to work with TPO. I have been able develop several qualities & learn several skills like - leadership, team coordination, communication, motivation, which are the need as technical professionals. At the same time I have been able to know the real world scenario of field work through the activity of placement coordination. I would insist my juniors to take maximum benefit of GIT Placement Cell which is remarkably performing outstanding. During these 4 years I made some life-long friends. The camaraderie & sportsmanship of the students in our college is beyond compare. I wish all you GITians best of luck and look forward to carrying lots of happy memories along with life lessons to my new workplace at Hi-Tech Out Sourcing. Raghav Majumdar (110120106051) Hi-Tech Out Sourcing

  • Darshan Gandhi

    Hi all this is Darshan Gandhi and it’s my pleasure to talk about GIT. First of all I am thankful to almighty God and my parents and pre family GIT. Well to talk about GIT, a page wouldn't be enough, where I have spent 4 golden years of my life. To summarize GIT, a place where you learn, think, develop and innovate. Our Institute has the most experienced faculty, adequate laboratory and excellent resource centre. Our institute is not only renowned for academics but also for co-curricular activities like starting from Kite festival, Cultural fest, sports week, GTU Tech fest and lastly Ratri B4 Navratri. Being an engineer, practical knowledge is most important and for that purpose GIT organizes seminar, expert lectures and industrial visit. I would like to thank my faculties, Head of the department, Director and Governing body members. Thank u all for the support and the guidance. Darshan Gandhi (110120119012) Chartered Speed Pvt. Ltd.

  • Karn Modi

    Journey of bachelor of engineering at GIT was a way beyond imagination. The culture, atmosphere, facilities and the level of outstanding teaching is what I was looking for. I have successfully completed my B.E with humble support of the faculty members and gain the knowledge of various segments and involvement in the co-curricular activities. I got the desire job in the reputed company MCBS Pvt. Ltd. from the campus placement process held at our college. I really thankful to GIT for the overall development of myself. Apart from academics, the institute also supported for extra co-curricular activities like GTU Tech fest, Jazba, Ratri before Navratri, Kite Festival and many more. KARN MODI FINAL YEAR, EC 120123111013

  • Priyanka Modi

    I am happy to express myself because the opportunities created by GIT for me are the best I could ever get. The knowledge I got here is amazing because of the skilled faculty members and the atmosphere provided by the GIT. I must say, to study here is like a dream come true for me. In my final year I got my desire profile at the company Santa Softech from campus recruitment process organized by the GIT. I am thankful to GIT from the bottom of my heart for the life changing experience. PRIYANKA MODI FINAL YEAR, IT 120123116002

  • Nisha Rewari

    Hello, I am Nisha Rewari and I am one of the students of GIT BE computer branch. When I joined this college, I had a fear in mind what to do? What not to do? What would be my future? But to be very honest, those hurdles never appeared and life at GIT was quite smooth because of Director Sir, faculty members, and all the people around. I started with a big dream of being an engineer and today I got a job already as an engineer in a well reputed company and I can’t stop thanking the GIT placement cell and our TPO sir for this. GIT is a wonderful place to be. No one can have the kind of faculties who have been a great mentor over the period of time and have always guided us properly. . Our faculties take a genuine interest in the students and are willing to offer more than their time and assistance. Regular meetings with the faculty advisors help us to short out our problems regarding personal, subjective and etc. An assortment of technical workshops & seminars are organized by the institute to provide us the knowledge of current trends of engineering industries, job search skills, and interviewing tips. Thank You! Nisha Rewari BE Computer

  • Siri Chandana

    “So many of our dreams at first seem impossible, then they seem improbable, and then, when we summon the will, they soon become inevitable." That is my feeling when I was placed at one of the largest MNCs Sophos, through our college. Thank you is a very small word to describe how grateful I am to TPO. Your guidance, insight, knowledge and support were valuable in this process! Without GIT, my future would hold the reality of only one or two possible outcomes and my career options would be limited. Over the years of new beginnings and fresh starts, I have learnt the importance of paving a new road for my life. Yes, this can be scary, but some of the greatest accomplishments begin with taking the first step. I have anchored the college fests which was a very exploratory experience. Organizing and volunteering workshops, participating in competitions have shaped my personality. Once again I thank my HOD, faculties and classmates for their constant support and direction during my course. I wish all my fellow mates all the very best and rock on GITians. Siri Chandana E.C.

  • Prashant Babar

    "All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage & passion to pursue them." This is how I felt when I was placed at one of India's Largest MNC in plastic industry "Ferromatic Milacron India Ltd.". First of all, I am thankful to TPO for trust in my abilities. His right guidance has given me the chance to participate in campus interview & to be placed at such a good company. Along with academic excellence & disciplinary conduct, during the 4 years of my course, I took a great experience of perfect environment for study & I was given opportunity to develop myself in technical as well as personal aspects. I have felt the positive change in my personality & perspective. I believe that "Hard work has no option, if you want to become a successful person." So I wish my fellow GITians best of luck for their future & I will look forward with a lots of good memories along with life lessons to my new workplace at Ferromatic Milacron India LTD. Prashant Babar Mechanical Engineering

  • Drashti Buch

    A dream is like a price, but only something that our imagination visualize, our dreams will bring passion and pride, dreams are our reality and right! This is what I feel, after getting placed in India's largest MNCs -TCS and Envestnet Yodlee, through GIT. I want to express my gratitude to GIT for providing requisite knowledge, skills and enthusiastic support which helped me to get placed in a reputed company. It is a good feeling to get placement through the campus as it boosts once moral and self-esteem. I want to thank our Training and Placement Officer for providing me the right job and profile that I was looking for. The endeavor and enthusiasm of Training and placement Dept. is very appreciable. "A journey of thousand miles begins with a single step" I am very happy and excited to take that single step with India's largest MNCs. Drashti Buch Information Technology

  • Neelam Kumari

    I felt great when I was placed at one of the MNCs in Gandhinagar named Argusoft India Ltd., through our college. Along with academic excellence and disciplinary conduct, during the 4 years of my course, I was given the opportunity to participate in a plethora of events like debates, GDs, drama while festivals of our college that led to the overall grooming of my personality. I thank our TPO, for his trust in my capability. He supported and encouraged me throughout the placement process. I wish best of luck to GITians and look forward to carrying lots of happy memories along with life lessons to my workplace at Argusoft India Ltd. Neelam Kumari Computer Engineering

  • Devansh Shah

    Hi I am Devansh Shah, I graduated from GIT in 2013 with distinction in B.E. Information Technology. Currently I am working as Sr. Business Analysts/Project Coordinator at one of the leading IT Company of Gujarat. It’s being an Amazing Journey with GIT. I spent most of my college life in campus, as I feel GIT has environment of small home town. My time here was great and I had best of every world possible. The academics, the social experience and extra co-curricular activities all matches wonderfully at GIT. Among many, one of the great experience I had is with faculty, GIT have excellent faculties who are people with passion and so interested in areas of research and engineering. They teach you with lot of enthusiasm and make sure of first class education. Here professors know each individual by name and trust me which could be problem sometimes. Just Kidding. Here the concept of student council is amazing and I got the opportunity to be part of it by serving as Volunteer, Culture Secretary, General Secretary and now as Proud Alumni. While growing with GIT, the best lesson I learned is "DON'T WISH FOR IT, WORK FOR IT" and honestly this has changed my outlook and attitude towards life. GIT helps each individual to explore their inner skills and helped to nourish them by providing ample of education/sports/cultural platforms. It supports students to think out of box and help them in excelling with carrier path. At last but not least the experience and learning I gained from here will be cherished forever. Proud to be GITian and Thank you.

  • Sunny R Pandya

    What GIT gave me paved the way forward for me. I was an average student with my academics but did well enough to learn management being a CR. The events that we did, the friends that we made, the maturity that we gained only came through a collaborative effort along with fellow alumni and Professors of the Institute. GIT is a right platform to nurture your vision and align it towards growth. The institute also gave me my first job by providing the right kind of placement and opportunities. It is like if you want to learn and move ahead then the institute has everything to offer. I started up my own IT Company in 2014. I am one of the co-founders of Quixom Technology. Sunny R Pandya Computer Engineering

  • Mahak Khushalani

    Transition in any form or at any stage in life is a dicey situation. Yet, what makes us take the big leap is the light at the end of the tunnel. My tryst with GIT happens to be at one of the most important transition stages of my life. Stepping out of school, living away from home, and coming to a place unknown seemed a little too much to handle at first. Add to that the hustle of having to catch a bus, having lunch at 11am, and surviving the lectures and lab sessions made life a jigsaw puzzle! However, what came to my rescue was the people around me- be it the faculty that I interacted with or the canteen guys who showed the same warmth every time I needed some respite from the hectic schedule. Slowly, but surely, catching the bus, eating early, cruising through the classes was not a concern. As the years went by, friends became family and GIT and its sprawling campus became a silent guardian, keeping an eye over us. Ten years have gone but whenever I see the GIT bus finding its way through the Ahmedabad traffic, I feel the same sense of pride that I was a native of this institute. Mahak Khushalani Computer Engineering

  • Riddhi Gadhavi Pandya

    GIT was indeed a mix of learning and fun. The 4 years of college are the best days of my life and the learning did not restrict itself to text book or ethics or discipline but it also taught us a lot about gaining maturity, becoming more responsible towards a given task. There was not a dull point in the 4 years we spent. The institution along with the education also given us good friends and professors who are still in touch and mentoring us. I am currently working as a Sr Graphic Designer with Quixom Technology and doing well enough. Riddhi Gadhavi Pandya Electronics and Communication 2008 Batch

  • Nikki Gandhi

    GIT - I call it my small bundle of treasured memories GIT, my home for four years gave me memories for life. The place where I made friends, who turned into family, literally! The place where I kept on having fun with friends year after the year, not knowing we were making memories for the life time! The perfect infrastructure, green gardens, inspiring classes and labs, an innovative workshop, an awesome open air theater, the beautiful seminar hall, an amazing library and of course the canteen, everything together makes GIT a perfect place to study and learn. The dedication, motivation and support from faulty members enabled me to achieve my dreams. The best education and placement facilities by GIT can be the best thing according to parents looking for a college for their children. However, at the end of the course, you realize that GIT has taught you real life lessons that gives you confidence to face real life problems and survive through it, no matter what! Nikki Gandhi Information Technology