NPTEL Awareness Seminar 2022

NPTEL Awareness Seminar 2022

Gandhinagar institute of technology, Gandhinagar University has organized “NPTEL Awareness Seminar” on 28th July 2022 for all students and faculties. The seminar was conducted by Prof. Chintan Barelwala, SPOC, SWAYAM NPTEL of GIT Local Chapter. The main objective of this seminar was to create awareness among students and faculties about NPTEL Course enrollment, certification and its importance. Prof. Chintan Barelwala explained in detail what features and services NPTEL provides to its course subscribers and benefits to all students as well faculties under the GIT NPTEL Local Chapter. He briefed about NPTEL Online Certification Courses, FDP, Mentoring, Job Oriented Courses. He nicely explained NPTEL new initiatives like NPTEL+, GATE Project, Domain Certification, Digital Skilling, Text Translation, Soft Skill Training, internships, NPTEL stars and careers@NPTEL as well as resolved all queries from students and faculties.

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