World Nature Conservation Day Awareness Programme 2022

World Nature Conservation Day Awareness Programme 2022

Gandhinagar University, managed by Platinum Foundation, celebrated “World Nature Conservation Day-Awareness Programme” at Moti Bhoyan Pagar Kendra Shala No.-1, Moti Bhoyan on 28th July 2022 (Thursday) under the guidance of Dr H N shah, Director, Gandhinagar University. The event was organized by National Service Scheme (NSS) in which NSS volunteers presented posters, delivered a talk, performed drama and interactive quiz to raise students’ awareness of the problems with nature brought on by people and various industrial factors, as well as the need to protect them in order to preserve the health of the planet. At the end of the event, School students understood the importance of environment preservation.

A report on “World Nature Conservation Day-Awareness Programme”


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