Report of Webinar “Chalo Vaat Kariye (ચાલો વાત કરીયે)”

Report of Webinar "Chalo Vaat Kariye (ચાલો વાત કરીયે)"

The Healthy Campus Committee of GIT organized a Webinar titled “Chalo Vaat Kariye (ચાલો વાત કરીયે)” for the faculties and staff on 3rd July 2021. The webinar was conducted by Shri Utsav Parmar (Deputy Director, Doordarshan News, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India). The webinar enlightened the audience about the importance of improving family relationships which can directly affect our emotional and mental health. Shri Utsav explained how having good emotional health affects our capacity to manage, communicate, form and sustain relationships. The key is to celebrate life and have a dialogue with oneself. The webinar also focused on how we can manage work related stress and bring positivity in our family and personal life. Faculty members shared their personal anecdotes and raised queries regarding sustaining healthy relations among family members. Shri Utsav gave various solutions and suggestions to those queries.

A Report of Webinar “Chalo Vaat Kariye (ચાલો વાત કરીયે)”


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